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Cutaneous aging results from several factors: genetic, physiological, environmental. The role of the EffiDerm® cosmetic is to support the skin by restoring its balance, protecting it from external influences to fight against time. EffiDerm® face treatments were formulated on the basis of an anti-aging complex CellRepulp® Complex, exclusive to the INELDEA laboratories, developed from two powerful plant active ingredients.

An extract of Gingko Biloba rich in natural active substances, which prevents aging and promotes microcirculation and cellular oxygenation.
An extract of white Lupine from organic farming that strengthens the natural restructuring systems of the epidermis. Its effects are clinically proven on the synthesis of collagen, the reduction of the degradation of elastin fibers and on the renewal of the epidermis.

These two powerful plant actives give the CellRepulp® Complex concentrate, 4 major actions, protects the skin thanks to its anti-free radical action, promotes microcirculation and oxygenation to illuminate the complexion, tones and deepens the support tissues, For younger skin, limits dehydration. EffiDerm® face care products also contain natural active ingredients specific to each product in the range and selected according to their use. Delicately scented with Orchid, their non-greasy textures provide an unparalleled moment of pleasure.

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