Lotion cryo menthol et camphre

Stimulates circulation and muscular relaxation

24,92 €

Professional size: 1L bottle

This cold treatment is particularly effective in fighting pain, reducing the sensation of heavy legs and reducing swelling. It decongests, facilitates the drainage of toxins, stimulates circulation and muscular relaxation, thanks to the soothing and vasotonic properties of Menthol and the sensation of cold that it provides. Camphor enhances the effect of menthol.

Respects the skin pH. Do not try.

Composition: Total Active Ingredients 47%: Alcohol, Menthol and Camphor.

Without parabens.

Directions for use: use with strips impregnated, in single application or in wrapping.



Apaise vraiment bien les jambes, les jambes sont moins lourde.

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    Lotion cryo menthol et camphre

    Lotion cryo menthol et camphre

    • Decongests, soothes and reduces swelling of the limbs
    • Heavy leg care for a wrap application

    Product advantage: Concentrated formula in Menthol and Camphor which stimulates circulation and facilitates drainage.

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