Temperatures rising

Keep your legs light!

The heat returns, you feel good in your lighter clothes ... But sun and temperatures can quickly become synonymous with heavy legs, swollen ankles, impatience, tingling ... These sensations can also be favored by prolonged standing, trampling, overweight Or hormonal variations.
More than 1 in 2 women ...

In France, 55% of women are affected by traffic disorders * and the resulting unpleasant manifestations. If it is advisable to practice physical exercise, eat a healthy diet or take cold showers, some plants can also be a valuable help to keep legs light.

* The study SU.VI.MAX Taylor Nelson.Sofres

Specially formulated to fight the heavy, swollen, tired legs, the Gel Circulation Light Legs EffiDerm®- Glacial Effect, contains specific plant extracts, for a triple action.

Rich in essential oils of peppermint and lavender, it improves blood circulation and helps to combat the sensation of heavy legs.

The presence of Menthol provides an intense cold which decongests, facilitates the drainage and gives a feeling of immediate lightness!

THE EXPERT'S WORD: ALINE CHORETIER Professional aesthetic and sporting high level.

To restore a sensation of lightness, I perform a manual care of all the lower part of the body, from the toes to the waist, with ascending maneuvers meant to revive the blood and lymphatic circulation.

To massage the legs, which relaxes the tired limbs, I use EffiDerm® Light Legs Gel Circulation, it relaunches the blood circulation, decongests and activates the drainage, while providing a sensation of immediate freshness thanks to the Menthol it Contains.