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Like the face, the body deserves constant attention. Naturally less protected, its skin easily dehydrates. Clothes, unsuitable or non-existent care can accentuate this drying out.

Hormonal fluctuations, age, excess sunlight are read on your body, little by little the skin is less tonic, less firm.

To keep day after day a healthy, soft and silky skin ... the shower, the bath, the application of a cream or a lotion, the massage are moments of precious attention, secrets of the art of take care of yourself.
Marriage of touch and nature
The Massage

Taking care of your body with massage oils is a pleasure you can not do without, when you have tasted it.

The massage oils are inimitable to recreate softness on the skin and exceptional to bring relaxation and serenity, while having a beneficial effect on the superficial circulation, balance and tone of the epidermis.

If the quality of touch in the care is paramount, fluidity of gestures, presence in hands, movements of extreme softness, the products and textures used are also of extreme importance.
Being well in your body

Oil massage has been used for millennia for its relaxing properties and the effectiveness of plants and essential oils associated with it.

EffiDerm® BIO Massage Oils are non-greasy and penetrate quickly while maintaining excellent glide for good muscle grip. They are equipped with a stop-drip cap, for a clean and precisely dosed use. Their natural odor, derived from essential oils, leaves a pleasant perfume on the skin without being obstinate.
Body firmness and refined silhouette

With time or fatigue, the body lines tend to lose their lightness and the skin is less firm. The weakness of the elastic tissue of the skin is responsible.

You dream of more firmness or refine your figure, the Draining Slimming Massage Oil * EffiDerm® has been formulated to promote the drainage of toxins, water and greases.

100% vegetable, it contains extracts of Birch that act on the retention of water, cellulite, to favor their elimination.

Extracts of Fragon activate the blood and lymphatic circulation for optimal drainage, the essential oils of Cedar and Grapefruit activate circulation, facilitate refinement and elimination while softening the skin.

Its non-greasy feel, its light natural odor give you an immediate feeling of well-being. Very appreciated, it is ideal in massage to relax while improving the circulation.


EffiDerm® Dynamic Massage Oil * has been designed to tone and revitalize tired bodies.

Composed of wheat germ oil and coconut oil, geranium extracts (soothing, revitalizing), verbena (regulation of nervous systems, circulatory system, general tonic) but also essential oils of Rosemary and Santal with revitalizing effects Widely used to combat physical and intellectual fatigue, it is ideal in short or extended massage.


EffiDerm® Relaxing Massage Oil is perfect for relaxing and fighting stress. Fleur d'Orange and Melissa are used to combat anxiety, nervousness and associated disorders.

The essential oils of Lavandin and Angelica which enter into its composition calm the agitation and struggle against the general weakening.

Its touch is non-greasy and its natural Lavender odor is light.

* Ecological and organic cosmetics certified by Ecocert Greenlife, according to Ecocert standards available at http: //

Advice from Aline CHORETIER: Professional Aesthetics C'Aline Aesthetic Institute Saint-Paul-en-Jarez

Modeling is a method of well-being which, by means of defined manual techniques, produces a change of state: to resolve tensions, to reduce anxiety, or to maintain the vitality of the body. It soothes, relaxes, relaxes and relieves but it can also activate, vitalize and energize.

The modeling I perform is done on the whole body and is accompanied by soft music, soft lighting and massage oils. Long and voluptuous, they use the techniques of effleurage, gentle kneading and palpated roll on the skin and muscles.

EffiDerm® Massage Oils are ideal for promoting toxin drainage, promoting calming, toning and revitalizing organisms. 100% vegetable, non greasy, they penetrate quickly while maintaining an excellent glide, their natural odor leaves a very pleasant scent on the skin without being heady during the treatment.

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